15 Twitter Accounts for History Buffs

Getty Images/iStock/Rebecca O'Connell
Getty Images/iStock/Rebecca O'Connell / Getty Images/iStock/Rebecca O'Connell

We’ve covered word nerds; now, follow a few twitter accounts that will satisfy your historical curiosity.

1. Tweets of Old

These tweets, which contain actual lines from old newspapers, are very entertaining—and tell us a lot about the people of yesteryear.

2. John Quincy Adams

If you've ever wanted to read our sixth President's diary, this Twitter account is for you.

3. Girls Own Advice

These tweets are, according to the bio, "genuine replies from 1880s and 1890s problem pages." Some are wise. Some are weird. Some are enough to make us glad we live in a modern day and age.

4. Slate Vault

The official Twitter account of Slate's The Vault Blog is interesting in its own right.

5. Weird History

Exactly what it sounds like, and quite delightful. The tweeter even makes a point to publish old articles featuring names that are famous today.

6. Retronaut

Excellent vintage photos!

7. British Pathé

Tweets featuring videos from the now-defunct Pathé News.

8. Public Domain Review

Fascinating findings from videos and documents in the public domain.

9. Michael Beschloss

Fun facts from a presidential historian.

10. DigiVictorian

This account, which covers Victorian Popular Culture, is run by Bob Nicholson, a lecturer at Edgehill University in the UK.

11. Today in History

You could visit Wikipedia ... or you could follow this Twitter account.

12. NASA History

Space history!

13. SI Vault

Sports history!

14. Today’s Document

One excellent historical document a day, direct from the National Archives.

15. Papers of GW

Parts of letters and other tidbits from our first president's papers.

What history-obsessed Twitter accounts do you follow? We'll do a follow-up with some of your favorites that we didn't mention here.