LEGO Has Released Five Epic New Avengers: Endgame Collectible Playsets


With April now officially upon us, the wait for the highly-anticipated Avengers: Endgame is that much closer to being over. Even though the film’s release is just around the corner, Marvel is still being extremely secretive in their marketing of the movie—no doubt in an attempt to offer up as many surprises as they can over the film's reported three-hour-plus runtime. But fear not, MCU fans, as LEGO has officially unveiled their new lineup of toys tailor-made to commemorate the blockbuster event.

The sets feature many of the characters fans would expect, including the heroic Captain America, the Mad Titan Thanos, and franchise newcomer Captain Marvel. There are five sets in total, which range in price from $20 to $100, and will be available beginning today.

A LEGO Avengers set

Some of the highlights include the Avengers Compound Battle set, which features a buildable version of the iconic Avengers HQ, complete with a two-floor office building and helipad. The playset also contains seven characters: Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Nebula, and a 4-armed Outrider as minifigures; Thanos and Hulk as posable big figures; and an appropriately sized Ant-Man microfigure. With 699 total pieces, this set looks to be one of the major standouts of the collection. Plus, that Ant-Man microfigure is really adorable.

A LEGO Avengers set

But if massive battles aren’t your cup of tea, you might fancy the Iron Man Hall of Armor set, where you’ll have access to all the sweet Stark tech you could want. Minifigures included in this set feature some of the many suits designed by Tony Stark throughout the movies, including the Iron Man MK 50, which was was prominently displayed in last year’s Avengers: Infinity War. But the real fun comes with building the laboratory itself, which features cool little details like a rotating podium, display cases for the individual armors, and arguably the most important item: a smoothie machine. The set also includes an Outrider minifigure, as well as a large posable Igor mech suit figure—all of which totals 524 pieces.

Other Lego playsets include the 167-piece Captain America: Outriders Attack, the 362-piece War Machine Buster, and the 838-piece Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, which features many other notable characters like Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Rocket Raccoon.

Buy them all on the LEGO Shop.

Whichever set you choose, these toys are sure to satisfy all your superhero needs until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26.

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Missing the Days of Clippy? There’s an App That Will Bring Him Back

The Science Elf, YouTube
The Science Elf, YouTube

Some Microsoft Office users might still brace for the appearance of a certain nosy, wide-eyed paper clip whenever they type Dear at the top of a fresh Word document. After all, Clippy was the anthropomorphic pet we never asked for, yet tolerated through several formative years of computer technology.

Though Clippy—short for Clippit—may have been on the receiving end of an industry-wide eye roll in the late 1990s, it’s hard to ignore how much he seems like an early, distant ancestor to applications like Alexa and Siri, upon whom society has developed a pretty significant reliance. Whether you think about the injustice against Clippy every day or you’re just a normal person who likes any excuse to indulge in ‘90s nostalgia, we have news for you: You can rescue him from the void and host him on your very own Mac desktop.

According to Lifehacker, the app was created by a developer named Devran “Cosmo” Uenal, who debuted the program on Github earlier this month. This rather chilled-out Clippy won’t burst into your Word document and offer unsolicited advice on how to write letters, but he’ll still entertain you with animated performances if you right-click on him and choose “Animate!”

As you can see in Uenal’s Twitter video, he might don a pair of oversized headphones and mime a music jam sessions, or he might transform into a googly-eyed, heavy-eyebrowed checkmark.

To download the paperclip pal for yourself, scroll down to the “First start” section on the Github page and click “Download Clippy for macOS,” which should trigger an automatic download. Click on that installation file, and then follow the rest of the directions in the “First start” section to open Clippy on your desktop. From there, the fun is endless.

And, if you’re hungry for more history about the world’s most hated virtual assistant, you can read more about his tragic life here.

[h/t Lifehacker]

The World's Spiciest Chip Is Sold Only One to a Customer


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get pepper-sprayed directly in your mouth, Paqui Chips has something you can’t afford to miss. Following the success of their Carolina Reaper Madness One Chip Challenges back in 2016 and 2017, Food & Wine reports that the company has re-released the sadistic snack. Continuing their part-marketing gimmick, part-public safety effort, the Reaper chip won’t be sold in bags. You just get one chip.

That’s because Paqui dusts its chips with the Carolina Reaper Pepper, considered the world’s hottest, and most (attempted) consumers of the chip report being unable to finish even one. To drive home the point of how hot this chip is—it’s really, extremely, punishingly hot—the chip is sold in a tiny coffin-shaped box

Peppers like the Carolina Reaper are loaded with capsaicin, a compound that triggers messages of heat and pain and fiery consumption; your body can respond by vomiting or having shortness of breath. While eating the chip is not the same as consuming the bare, whole pepper, it’s still going to be a very uncomfortable experience. For a profanity-filled example, you can check out this video:

The chip will be sold only on Paqui’s website for $6.99 per chip or $59.90 for a 10-pack. The company also encourages pepper aficionados to upload photos or video of their attempts to finish the chip. If it becomes too much, try eating yogurt, honey, or milk to dampen the effects.