This Smart Speaker Doubles as a Pixel-Art Display, a Sunrise Alarm Clock, and More

Divoom Smart
Divoom Smart

For most people, the most important feature of a Bluetooth speaker is sound quality, but if it's a device you plan on using every day, it should look just as beautiful as it sounds. The Tivoo-Max from Divoom Smart certainly fits that bill. Its pixel art canvas allows the portable smart speaker to also function as a notification hub, a sunrise-simulating alarm clock, and an animated screen.

Tivoo-Max's LED display includes 256 full-color pixels that you can use to create visuals to go along with your music. You can select a pre-made GIF to play with your music from Divoom's online art gallery, or you can animate one yourself on the device's companion app.

The combination of digital art and sound is great for parties, but the technology has practical applications as well. If you connect Tivoo-Max to your phone, you can enable it to display notifications like phone calls and social media comments.

Divoom Smart

The smart speaker also works as an alarm clock. The pixels can be programed to get brighter gradually throughout the morning, simulating the natural effects of the rising sun. And if you have trouble falling asleep at night, just set the device to play white noise and display melatonin-inducing light waves.

Tivoo-Max recently launched an Indiegogo campaign, and currently has more than five weeks left to reach its $25,000 goal.

Buy it for $99 and up on Indiegogo, with shipping estimated for June 2019.

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If you’re the type to get distracted, you’ll want to take advantage of the offline mode Babbel offers. Like most apps, you can access it on any of your devices, but it also works in offline mode so you can access courses, lessons, and reviews without the temptation of Instagram notifications and emails.

Babbel hosts everything from German to Norwegian dialects in its 14-language library, with special regional focuses like Spanish for Spain versus Spanish for Latin America. You’ll really get the pronunciation down with Babbel’s unique speech recognition technology while you learn real-life topics you’ll actually use in conversation.

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