Game of Thrones Theory Suggests Bran Might Be Creating a New Night King


Now that we finally know how the most epic battle in Game of Thrones history turned out, fans have taken a step back to analyze what really happened, and why. One new theory centers around Bran Stark, and what he could've possibly been doing while Winterfell crumbled around him.

Many fans are desperate to know where Bran went after he mysteriously told Theon, "I'm going to go now." We saw him warg into a raven and soar up into the storm, which brought us to the grand reveal of the Night King flying on Viserion. But where did the raven go after that? A Reddit theory by user Ravishey explains that maybe Bran has been scheming to create another Night King and that's really why the undead leader wanted to kill him.

The first piece of evidence to back this up is the obvious: Bran is no longer Bran. He's the Three-Eyed-Raven, and although we don't know the extent of what that means, we do know he barely has human feelings any longer. This opens up the possibility that perhaps he's not totally good.

"His distance emphasizes that he doesn't love the Starks, or Theon," the Redditor argues. "It stands to reason that he told Theon that he was 'a good man,' not out of the love that the Starks have found renewed in Theon, but to convince him to die for Bran."

But why would Bran want another Long Night, even if he's no longer Bran? The theorist has an explanation for that as well, writing:

"Bran has been in the background for the time that he is as powerful as he is, much like the conniving Littlefinger. Every other character who has or wants power (Jon, Daenerys, Cersei, Sansa, Varys) all play the Game of Thrones. Someone as powerful as Bran, confined to a wheelchair, underestimated by his peers as just a fortune teller, would be in the perfect place to make his plans for another Long Night. The prophecy of Azor Ahai is not done with the end of the Night King; he himself almost stopped it by killing Bran. Arya is not the Princess who was Promised; she and all of the events at the last battle were crucial for Bran to succeed."

Since we really don't exactly know what the Three-Eyed-Raven's intentions are, the idea of him creating another Night King can't be debunked just yet. And as wild as this theory might be, we do need an explanation as to what Bran was doing … and what he plans to do next.

How Much Are You Spending on Streaming Services? This Handy Calculator Can Tell You

LightFieldStudios/iStock via Getty Images
LightFieldStudios/iStock via Getty Images

With the recent debut of both Disney+ and Apple TV+, not to mention upcoming launches for HBO Max, NBC’s Peacock, and more, streaming services are officially coming for cable television’s throne—and might sneakily empty your bank account while they're at it.

While a monthly fee of $10 to $15 seems easy enough to justify if you’re willing to sacrifice a burrito bowl or fancy cocktail once a month, the little voice in the back of your head is probably whispering, “but it still adds up.” To find out just how much, MarketWatch created a calculator that will not only tell you how much you’re spending on streaming services every month; it’ll also add up the lifetime cost of all those entertainment expenses.

The calculator covers Netflix, CBS All Access, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Disney+, Apple TV+, and YouTube TV, and it also includes a whole host of add-ons that you might not even have realized were available. Through Amazon Prime, for example, you can subscribe to HBO, Showtime, and other premium channels—but there are also more niche options like Hallmark Movies Now and NickHits (with iCarly, The Fairly OddParents, and other Nickelodeon classics).

As you check off services and add-ons, you’ll see your monthly bill on the right side of the total box, and the lifetime cost—which accounts for 50 years of streaming, adjusted for inflation—will balloon before your eyes on the left side. Below that, there’s an even larger number labeled as the lifetime “true” cost, which estimates how much you would’ve made if you had invested that money instead.

For example: If you sign up for basic monthly subscriptions to Netflix and Disney+ for $9 and $7, respectively, your lifetime cost totals around $16,200. However, if you had opted to invest that money, the 50-year prediction sees you walking away with almost $74,000.

Having said that, it’s understandably hard to look that far into the future, especially when Disney+ is tempting you with the Lizzie McGuire series, Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian, and practically every beloved animated Disney movie from your childhood.

[h/t MarketWatch]

Hallmark Released Some Adorable Harry Potter Ornaments—Just In Time for Christmas


Even if you never received your letter of acceptance to Hogwarts on your 11th birthday, you can still add some magic to your Christmas tree this year with some Harry Potter Christmas ornaments from Hallmark. These pieces have more of a minimalist style than Hallmark's other Potter releases, which are modeled to look identical to the characters' movie counterparts. But with that simplicity comes a unique charm that is sure to be popular with Potterheads.

Shoppers can look for seven different ornaments, which include Harry, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger in mid-flight, as well as Hedwig, the Sorting Hat, Dobby, and the Hogwarts Crest. Each one comes with a hanger, so is ready to be put on your Christmas tree as soon as its out of the packaging. You can find each one for $9 on Amazon—though be forewarned that Harry is currently out of stock (but you can find an equally adorable replacement Potter for $8).

If you can’t get enough wizarding gifts this holiday season, then check out our Harry Potter gift guide, which includes everything from magical cookbooks to chess sets.

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