The 25 Best Entry-Level Jobs for 2019 (and the 25 Worst) /

There’s some good news for engineering students who are about to graduate and enter the workforce: Various types of engineering, from electrical to hardware, claimed each of the top five spots on WalletHub’s list of the best entry-level jobs for 2019, as Thrillist reported.

WalletHub assessed 109 different occupations for their immediate opportunity and growth potential, as well as their hazards. For example, average starting salary was taken into consideration for the “immediate opportunity” category, and the likelihood of working more than 40 hours per week was considered a job hazard alongside more physical dangers. Other factors included the number of job openings, the unemployment rate, income growth potential, and schedule flexibility.

While engineering is all around a pretty safe field to go into, tax attorneys were identified as having the highest starting salaries. On the other hand, employee relations specialists are expected to enjoy the most income growth, and certified occupational therapist assistants are expected to see the fastest projected job growth by 2026.

And for those looking to avoid dead-end careers, WalletHub also identified the worst entry-level jobs. Welders claimed the top spot for the second year in a row, followed by boilermakers and floor assemblers—all of which were also named among the most dangerous jobs.

Keep scrolling to see the 25 best and 25 worst entry-level jobs for 2019, and visit WalletHub’s website for the full breakdown.

The 25 Best Entry-Level Jobs

  1. Electrical engineer
  2. Systems engineer
  3. Engineer
  4. Environmental, health, and safety engineer
  5. Hardware engineer
  6. Web applications developer
  7. Electronics engineer
  8. Industrial engineer
  9. Architect
  10. Operations research analyst
  11. Certified nursing assistant
  12. Aerospace engineer
  13. Database administrator
  14. Software engineer
  15. Systems administrator
  16. Materials engineer
  17. Systems engineering technician
  18. Designer - web
  19. Mechanical engineer
  20. Attorney
  21. Network engineer
  22. Benefits analyst
  23. Training specialist
  24. Financial analyst
  25. Programmer

The 25 worst Entry-Level Jobs

  1. Welder
  2. Boilermaker
  3. Floor assembler
  4. Automotive mechanic
  5. Tool and die maker
  6. Aircraft painter
  7. Carpenter
  8. Building inspector
  9. Sheet metal mechanic
  10. Machinist
  11. Electronics assembler
  12. Emergency dispatcher
  13. Tax accountant
  14. Cost accountant
  15. Refinery operator
  16. Consumer loan servicing clerk
  17. Teller
  18. Claims processing clerk
  19. Financial reporting accountant
  20. Consumer loan officer
  21. Computer numeric control machine programmer
  22. Policy processing clerk
  23. Technical librarian
  24. Technical writer
  25. Payroll clerk

[h/t Thrillist]