15 Pieces of Furniture Made Out of Books

etsy.com / etsy.com

Some of these look more sculptural than cozy, but we’d be happy to have any of these genius bookish creations to furnish our apartment.

1. Comic book collector’s dream

This shadowbox frame overlaid with comics is perfect for displaying ... comics.

2. Read yourself to sleep

The headboard of this vintage bedframe has been decorated with the pages of old books.

3. A lamp for film lovers

This lamp was made out of books and film cartridges.

4. The side table

This side table looks like the perfect place to set your book when you’re done reading.

5. The funnies

This chest of drawers has comic book pages applied to the the exterior with decoupage.

6. The bedside lamp

This would look great on top of a stack of books on your bedside table.

7. Decoupage coffee table

This coffee table is adorned with comic book covers.

8. The book bookshelf

This quaint little shelf is perfect for the wall of your home library.

9. May I help you?

This bookish reception desk lends a certain gravitas to the average office.

10. The floating bookshelf

When stacked with books, this Hardy Boys wall shelf looks like it’s floating.

11. The book arc

This whimsical headboard fits over a full sized bed.

12. Accordion fold

This book has been folded into a photo holder or recipe file.

13. No, no, don’t get up

You can read for days in this armchair.

14. Let me look that up for you

We’re pretty sure Webster never anticipated this dictionary chair.

15. The book chair

This red chair would make a great accent piece.