Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Might Be Hinting About a Breaking Bad Reunion

Frank Ockenfels, AMC
Frank Ockenfels, AMC / Frank Ockenfels, AMC

Dust off your hazmat suits—Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul might have just hinted that there could be a Breaking Bad reunion in the works.

According to NME, the former co-stars tweeted identical photos of “drug mules” on their respective accounts mirrored with the same caption: "Soon." Peter Gould, one of the show’s writers, even reacted with his own tweet where he proclaimed: "Looking forward to this."

These tweets, along with previous talks regarding the development of a Breaking Bad movie, have reignited fan hopes that the paths of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White might somehow cross again.

Breaking Bad remains such a significant pop culture phenomenon that the show continues to inspire fan theories to this day, despite having officially ended in 2013 (though Better Call Saul has helped to fill the void for some viewers). When The Hollywood Reporter announced in November that Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, was developing a two-hour film adaptation, fans promptly lost their minds with excitement. Some, however, were a bit dubious as to how this cinematic extension would pan out.

Much of this divisiveness stems from the series’s finale. Walter’s supposed death in the final moments of the show begs the question of just how involved Cranston could be in the film’s production. There’s also concern that any film adaptation—whether it’s released theatrically or on TV—would ruin what was widely viewed as a perfect ending to the series.

Whatever the case, the film’s production has largely been a hush-hush affair. Both Cranston and Paul have avoided giving direct answers regarding their involvement with the project, so much so that IndieWire is wondering whether the actors' identical tweets have anything to do with a potential movie at all. Luckily, there appears to be more evidence geared toward the show’s characters reuniting; here’s hoping Blue Sky finally gets its big screen debut.

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