Never Worry About Your Drain Getting Clogged Mid-Shower With This New Drain Protector

TubRing / TubRing
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Have you ever taken a shower only to realize a few minutes in that the water is above your ankles due to clogged-up hair in your drain? While cleaning it up yourself can be a hassle, drain protectors aren’t the best solution either—they’re often pretty unsanitary and can accrue mold. Plus, professional plumbers aren't the cheapest option; most have rates hovering around $216 for drain-clearing services.

TubRing, now raising money on Kickstarter, claims to keep your shower worry-free. Since it’s set over your drain, the ring aims to be the ultimate solution for clogged drains while remaining hassle-free.

Shaped like a donut with “slot-based filtering holes and a latching rim blade,” according to its campaign, TubRing is designed to catch even the thinnest strands of hair. To clean it up, simply take the ring off your drain and wipe the hair with toilet paper or a paper towel to get it ready for your next shower.

It doesn’t matter what kind of drain stopper you have, because TubRing is compatible with them all. Plus, its rim blades ensure it stays in one place no matter how many times you or your pet step on it. TubRing also offers a sink version (called SinkRing, obviously) so your sink’s drain can have the same perks as your shower’s drain.

With a bit under a month left in its campaign, you can purchase your own TubRing by pledging at least $17 (or pledging $15 for your own SinkRing) on Kickstarter. To get them both together, pledge $25 or more.

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