12 Videos of Adorable Animals Fighting

istock / istock

Do the animals we label as “cute” fight with each other? Most of the time, the answer is yes. Sometimes the fights are kerfuffles of snorts and grunts and sometimes they’re bloody and violent, but one thing is clear: adorable animals have aggression too. (Warning: Some footage below is graphic.)

1. Penguins

Here are three king penguins in South Georgia having a slap fight.

2. Jackrabbits

Hunters in Sonora, Mexico captured these two jackrabbits fighting. Bouncing on their hind legs, they paw at each other like they’re engaging in old-fashioned fisticuffs. Blood is drawn.

3. Chipmunks

What happens when a chipmunk steals another chipmunk’s nut? Click on this clip from Discovery Channel’s North America to find out.

4. Koalas

These two koalas in an Australian zoo start their fight slowly and end it with lots of squeaking and honest-to-god growling.

5. Foxes

Here’s a 4-second snippet of two foxes fighting, but it’s enough to show you how bad a fox fight can get.

6. Dik-diks

Dik-diks are tiny, adorable antelopes, and here they are having a tiny, adorable disagreement.

7. Elephant Seals

In truth, elephant seals aren’t cute. When we think of doe-eyed seals, we’re thinking of the babies. But the adults are formidable, as this fight shows, with both seals rising up and tearing at each other’s chests with their long teeth.

8. Kangaroos

It’s not surprising that kangaroos use their legs to fight, but it’s interesting to watch nevertheless.

9. Hedgehogs

A hedgehog fight: make repeated snuffling noises and push on your opponent’s head so that you both go around in circles.

10. Dolphins

According to this video, male bottlenose dolphins form alliances and pick fights with other males by biting and herding them. They also harass and bother the females, the jerks.

11. Sloths

One sloth pushes another sloth out of the tree in Costa Rica. The fallen sloth seems confused and hurt. It’s pretty sad, overall.

12. Giraffes

Hey, how do giraffes fight? Do they kick each other or something? Nope. No. It’s worse. Much, much worse.