Planning a Vacation? Here's How to Make Sure You Don't Bring Any Bed Bugs Home With You

SementsovaLesia, iStock/Getty Images Plus
SementsovaLesia, iStock/Getty Images Plus

If anything can wreck the bliss of a hard-earned, long-awaited summer vacation, it's a bed bug—or even just the fear that one might be lurking in your supposedly spotless hotel room or airplane seat, ready to ruin your brief, wondrous getaway.

In some ways, the myths that have spread as quickly as a bed bug infestation itself make the odious little insects seem worse than they are. They don't carry diseases, they can't fly, and they can be seen with the naked eye. But their resilience in the face of eradication is practically legendary; they're even developing thicker exoskeletons to better resist insecticides.

So what can you do to prevent bed bugs from hitchhiking a ride home with you? Keep your dirty laundry from coming into contact with your hotel room bed or floor, Insider reports.

As University of Sheffield entomologist William Hentley told Science, bed bugs are attracted to the smell of humans, which is stronger in our dirty clothes. For his study, Hentley placed two bags of clothes—one clean, one dirty—in a hotel room and released a cage of bed bugs into the room to roam freely. After 96 hours, Hentley and his team found that about twice as many bed bugs had chosen the dirty clothes over the clean ones.

If you leave your suitcase open on the floor and your worn clothes strewn about the room, bed bugs can simply crawl in. So don't underestimate the power of the luggage rack; bed bugs can't climb up the metal legs, so it's worth keeping your suitcase on top of it. To prevent them from sniffing out your dirty clothes in the first place, try storing your worn items in an airtight plastic bag. Also, since bed bugs can live for months without a meal according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, they won't die just by being contained in your suitcase during the trip home; wash and dry your dirty clothes on high heat to kill them for good.

And because educating yourself on an issue is often the best defense against disaster, make sure you can recognize a bed bug if you see one and know how to check your hotel room for them in the first place.

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Japan’s Osaka Airport Debuts Toilet Area for Dogs, Complete With a Self-Flushing Pee Pole

martince2, iStock via Getty Images
martince2, iStock via Getty Images

Between new therapy animal programs and relaxed pet guidelines, dogs are becoming a more common sight at the airport. But not every airport has been able to keep up with the needs of its canine guests. As CNN reports, Osaka International Airport in Japan has solved one of the biggest problems facing this group: inadequate places to pee.

The airport debuted its new state-of-the-art dog rest area on Thursday, February 13. It features everything a dog needs to get comfortable before a long trip, including a shower, a water fountain, and a self-cleaning "pee pole." After dogs relieve themselves, the canine toilet automatically flushes away any waste and makes itself ready for the next visitor.

The bathroom area is located outside by the pick-up and drop-off area, so travelers can easily stop there before or after their flight. And to make the space equally comfortable for the dogs' owners, a roof and bench are provided.

Dogs using bathroom at Osaka International Airport.
Kansai Airports

The doggy rest area is intended for dogs accompanying their humans as regular pets. There are separate spots inside the airport where service animals can do their business.

Starting February 13, the amenity will be open every day from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Osaka International Airport is now officially in the running for the title of most pet-friendly airport on Earth. If you're traveling domestically, here are some more airports that will take extra steps to accommodate your furry companion.

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A Friends-Themed Brunch Is Coming to Los Angeles

The friends brunching in Las Vegas after Ross and Rachel impulsively tied the knot.
The friends brunching in Las Vegas after Ross and Rachel impulsively tied the knot.

Whether they were sampling Monica’s latest culinary creation, ordering yet another pizza, or eating cheesecake off the hallway floor, the legendary friends of Friends definitely spent a lot of time appreciating food—and coffee, of course.

To give fans a chance to celebrate those central motifs, The Brunch Club is hosting a Friends-themed brunch in Los Angeles this spring. Attendees will get to enjoy mimosas and appetizers during a screening of quintessential Friends episodes. The event also promises an array of activities including trivia, charades, and a costume contest. (So if your closet happens to be harboring an armadillo getup or a pink, frilly bridesmaid dress inspired by Little Bo-Peep, now’s the time to dig it out.)

friends-themed brunch
There won't be beef in the trifle at this Friends-themed brunch.
The Brunch Club

Though the exact location hasn’t been announced yet, we know the brunch will take place from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 17, and you can register on Eventbrite to receive an email update when tickets go on sale. The price isn’t listed, but there’s a similar Friends brunch happening in Denver this March, and those tickets cost around $50.

The Brunch Club specializes in raising a glass to pop culture phenomenons all over the country—according to the website, the organization has hosted brunches inspired by the Spice Girls, Drake, roller discos, and more. Considering that the entire Friends series left Netflix at the end of 2019, the news of a fun way to watch a few episodes is probably coming at a good time for devastated super fans in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, here’s what we know about the potential Friends reunion.