Try an Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich ... If You Dare

Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer / Oscar Mayer

August 2 marks National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and the 120th anniversary of the sweet treat's invention. This year, companies are finding innovative ways to market their sandwiches, even if it means possibly taking it too far. First, French’s and Coolhaus announced a mustard-flavored ice cream, and now Oscar Mayer has unveiled its Ice Dog Sandwich. And yes, it is what you think it is: an ice cream sandwich made with hot dogs.

New York City's il laboratorio del gelato created the dessert portion of this daring confection—blocks of spicy Dijon mustard gelato, and hot dog sweet cream with candied hot dog bits mixed in. (Thankfully, no ketchup appears anywhere in this creation.) The gelato is served between a rectangular cookie-based “bun.” But why, dear God, why?

"We believe that when you start with a better Oscar Mayer hot dog you can do no wrong—even when that means turning your dinner into dessert," Matt Riezman, associate director of marketing for Oscar Mayer, in a statement. "We recreated the experience of enjoying your favorite Oscar Mayer hot dog in a frozen treat—and trust me, it’s delicious.”

On August 12, New Yorkers will discover whether or not this invention is indeed delicious when the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, decked out like an ice cream truck, tours Manhattan and hands out samples. However, according to a cryptic Oscar Mayer tweet, if you direct message them, you might be able to try it wherever you are.