Was Hagrid a Death Eater? A New Harry Potter Fan Theory Says Yes

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Are you ready to have your worlds rocked, Potterheads?

Elite Daily reports that this week, Redditor Whoofph posted a 10,000-word essay theorizing that Hagrid is actually a Death Eater. And somehow, it kind of makes total sense.

While it would be impossible to get into all the intricacies of the essay here, as the author goes through the entire Harry Potter saga, the gist of it is this: Hagrid is way more powerful than he seems, and the coincidences regarding his influence are a little too persistent to be mere coincidences.

For instance, Hagrid is the one who introduces Harry Potter to Professor Quirrell, Voldemort's secret host in the first book. Hagrid and Dumbledore are also the two people who Tom Riddle (a.k.a. Voldemort) really knew while he was a student at Hogwarts. This means Voldemort’s longest known relationships are with these two men. We know that Hagrid is close with Dumbledore throughout the series, but what about his relationship with He Who Must Not Be Named? They clearly have some history.

In addition, Hagrid avoids fighting against the Death Eaters before the Battle of Hogwarts in the final book until he is sure they are going to lose.

Plus, Hagrid’s magical abilities are categorized at an extremely high level, used only by Death Eaters or very powerful wizards and witches, such as his use of unaided flight in the first book, when he collects Harry from the island without a broom or his trusty bike.

Is this all pure coincidence, or is Hagrid really a follower of Voldemort's?

If you have some time (and totally want to ruin your perspective on the beloved character), make sure to read the Redditor's theory in its entirety. It will make you want to re-read every book through a new, slightly tainted lens.

The ChopBox Smart Cutting Board Has a Food Scale, Timer, and Knife Sharper Built Right Into It


When it comes to furnishing your kitchen with all of the appliances necessary to cook night in and night out, you’ll probably find yourself running out of counter space in a hurry. The ChopBox, which is available on Indiegogo and dubs itself “The World’s First Smart Cutting Board,” looks to fix that by cramming a bunch of kitchen necessities right into one cutting board.

In addition to giving you a knife-resistant bamboo surface to slice and dice on, the ChopBox features a built-in digital scale that weighs up to 6.6 pounds of food, a nine-hour kitchen timer, and two knife sharpeners. It also sports a groove on its surface to catch any liquid runoff that may be produced by the food and has a second pull-out cutting board that doubles as a serving tray.

There’s a 254nm UVC light featured on the board, which the company says “is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria" after a minute of exposure. If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to cleanliness, the ChopBox is completely waterproof (but not dishwasher-safe) so you can wash and scrub to your heart’s content without worry. 

According to the company, a single one-hour charge will give you 30 days of battery life, and can be recharged through a Micro USB port.

The ChopBox reached its $10,000 crowdfunding goal just 10 minutes after launching its campaign, but you can still contribute at different tiers. Once it’s officially released, the ChopBox will retail for $200, but you can get one for $100 if you pledge now. You can purchase the ChopBox on Indiegogo here.

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Star Wars Fans Are Petitioning George Lucas to Release His Four-Hour Cut of Revenge of the Sith

Ian McDiarmid, Kenny Baker, Ewan McGregor, Colin Ware, and Hayden Christensen in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005).
Ian McDiarmid, Kenny Baker, Ewan McGregor, Colin Ware, and Hayden Christensen in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005).
Lucasfilm Ltd.

You've probably come across the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. For the past several years, comic book movie fans have been begging Hollywood to release Zack Snyder's director's cut of Justice League (2017)—and they're finally getting their way. Earlier this month, it was announced that Snyder's personal cut of the superhero movie will finally get a release via HBO Max, likely some time in 2021. It was a long time coming, but the successful petitioning seems to have emboldened other fandoms.

Case in point: Star Wars devotees are desperate to catch a glimpse of George Lucas's extended version of Revenge of the Sith (2005). As reported by Yahoo!, Star Wars super fan Fraser Beitzel has started a Change.org petition aimed at getting Lucas to release his four-hour-long cut of his prequel trilogy film. The petition reads as follows:

"The original Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith (2005) cut was over four hours long, and we think that George Lucas should do the right thing and give the fans what we deserve and what is rightfully ours. We love democracy, and we hope he does too. By signing this you are letting your voices be heard. If this petition does go viral, then we will have unlimited power and if George does the right thing then he would be strong and wise and we would all be very proud of him. This whole operation is our idea and we need to ensure that it is done. We will proclaim ah, victory when we achieve our goal. May the force be with you all and have faith."

The petition has currently amassed more than 18,500 signatures, with a final goal of 25,000 names. You can check out the campaign—and sign the petition—here.

Evidently, the original version of the film features numerous scenes that were cut from the theatrical release, including a group of senators plotting against Emperor Palpatine and a sequence featuring Yoda’s arrival in exile on Dagobah. If Snyder's fans can do it, why not Lucas's?

[h/t Yahoo!]