You Can Buy Norwegian Salmon Fillets From Vending Machines in Singapore

phasinphoto/iStock via Getty Images
phasinphoto/iStock via Getty Images / phasinphoto/iStock via Getty Images

Singapore is known for its diverse food offerings. Whether you want a Michelin-starred meal from a food court stall or a $2 million dining experience, the southeast Asian city-state has options. But even in Singapore's unique culinary scene, these vending machines stand out. As Atlas Obscura reports, the valuables inside the so-called "ATMs" are frozen salmon fillets from Norway.

The first of the salmon ATMs appeared in the Wisteria shopping mall in January 2019, and there are dozens of them located throughout Singapore today. The automated machines are a way for the company Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd to sell its products at a lower price. There's no cashier or even a storefront standing between customers and their salmon: With these expenses taken out of the equation, a single fillet costs just US$4.25.

To foreigners, Singapore may seem like an odd location for a Scandinavian salmon ATM, but it was a no-brainer for the folks at Norwegian Salmon. Singaporeans love salmon, and they're also used to vending machines dispensing items that go beyond your typical candy bar. Consumers can buy crab, ice cream, and even jewelry from vending machines in the city.

The Norwegian salmon ATMs run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are now operating in 61 locations. If you ever find yourself in Singapore with a late-night fish craving, make sure you have a card on you: The machine's don't accept cash.

[h/t Atlas Obscura]