8 Tips for Enhancing Live Entertainment

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Live shows and events are a great opportunity to get out of the house and be wowed by local and visiting talent. With these tips, you can make your next outing even better.

1. Check out Songkick for live music

Songkick is a great tool to use for finding new bands and following your favorites. The site gives you e-mail alerts whenever any of your selected bands are in town, and there’s a great app for on-the-go use.

2. Join venue mailing lists

Speaking of e-mails, sign up for some mailing lists. Most venues will send out e-mails that detail all their upcoming shows. Subscribe to your favorite venues to stay in the know. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your mailing lists, try unroll.me to combine all of your subscriptions into one daily e-mail.

3. Check out the local scene

Sometimes the best live entertainment is right in your backyard. Check out the smaller venues and stadiums nearby. Support the local talent and save money by finding independent theaters, minor league games, and local bands. You’ll be supporting up-and-comers in your neighborhood and enjoying a great show. If you need help finding things nearby, Gravy is a helpful app that shows events coming up in your area.

4. Eat beforehand

If you’re going to a stadium or theater, food is going to be expensive and usually not worth it. Skip the expensive disappointment and eat before you leave. If you find a nice restaurant near the venue, you can enjoy a nice meal before the show and save yourself from splurging on fifteen-dollar popcorn.

5. Pack light

Live events are generally pretty crowded, and there normally isn’t a lot of space to put your things. Pack only the necessities so you’re free to move around and enjoy the show. If you’re going with a group, share items like sunscreen so you don’t all have to pack the same thing.

6. Find the right seats

Finding the right seats depends on the venue and the performance, but also on personal preference. Randy Taradash, Director of Marketing at the American Conservatory Theater told Gizmodo:

“I've been in theater marketing for 15 years and for 10 years before that I ran a box office. If you ask 100 people, you will get 100 responses. I'm always surprised at how people define the prime experience. It's different for everybody, and it changes from theater to theater, and show to show. There are people that love to be right at front, people who love to be at the back.”

So the best way to find the right seat is to talk with your group and decide on personal preference.

7. Get there early

Nothing ruins a night out like being rushed—avoid the stress and get there early. There are usually restaurants and other establishments nearby to pass the time. You’ll have time to talk and catch up before the show, so you won’t need to talk during the performance.

8. Be social

SuperGlued is a social networking app that lets you talk with other users about concerts. The app lets you find shows, buy tickets, and even build a schedule that will provide you with recommendations. It provides real-time discussion so you'll know when a band is starting or how long the lines are. And it connects to your Facebook or Instagram, so you can connect with all your friends with the push of a button.

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