These Kids Just Can't Figure Out Old-School Film Cameras


The Fine Brothers are at it again! First, they ask kids to try using rotary phones, then the Walkman. Now, they're asking their crew of kids to try to figure out an old school film camera—and the results are as hilarious as you'd expect.

The kids know what they're looking at right away. This camera—a Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom from 1998—is "pretty ugly," according to one kid, while another comments on how big it is. "I've never seen a camera like this in real life!" one girl says.

When it's time to use the camera is when things really start to get funny, though. Many of the kids hold it up to their faces without turning it on (because most of them can't even figure out how to turn it on).

Most of the kids don't know about film, either: One girl asks if it's "like what they use in the movies" while another says that she's "always wanted to see [it]." They have a tough time loading the film in ("I hope there's a YouTube tutorial for this!"), but to be fair, that was never easy.

They also can't believe that they can't just see their pictures right away and will have to take the film to get it developed. "I don't know how I would have survived!" one girl says, horrified. Getting physical photos, as opposed to digital photos on a computer or phone, is "not cool" and "messed up." One boy asks when "real cameras, where you didn't have to do all of that" came out.

"Did you live with this back then?" one girl asks. "You must be really old." Well, if those of us who had that camera didn't feel that way before, we do now!