The Office Reboot Could Be Happening After All

Cast members of The Office after winning an Emmy for "Outstanding Comedy Series" in 2006
Cast members of The Office after winning an Emmy for "Outstanding Comedy Series" in 2006 / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While we can all agree that binge-watching The Office over and over again is always a good idea, fans of the hit NBC series are torn on whether or not it should come back in any new form. There were talks of a possible reboot at the network last year, yet even the series' stars were divided on the idea. Despite what you might think about traveling back to Dunder Mifflin, it looks like we should start brushing up on our Flonkerton, because NBCUniversal’s new streaming service is all about it.

The streaming service, which will be called Peacock, is officially rebooting classic shows like Battlestar Galactica, Saved By the Bell, and Punky Brewster. Additionally, according to Deadline, they’re looking toward The Office for next on the list. “It is my hope and goal that we do an Office reboot," Bonnie Hammer, NBCUniversal’s chairman of direct-to-consumer and digital enterprises, told the site. Acknowledging the fact that Netflix still owns the fan-favorite series for the time being (although NBCUniversal just bought streaming rights), Hammer added, “The Office comes back to us in January 2021. It is my hope that we can figure what that great reboot would be. We are having conversations.”

It goes without saying that the majority of Netflix users were extremely upset over the news that The Office would be leaving the platform, but are we now about to get too much content from Scranton, Pennsylvania? Though we wish the show could’ve kept going, a solid rewatch of all the seasons might be better than a full reboot with a new cast. Sure, some of its original stars would probably come back, but it wouldn’t be the same without Michael Scott.