Savor These Gourmet Friends-Inspired Marshmallows for the Show’s 25th Anniversary

XO Marshmallow
XO Marshmallow / XO Marshmallow

Everyone is getting in on the hype surrounding the 25th anniversary of Friends. We've already seen a company release a limited-edition Central Perk coffee, another make Friends jewelry, and even LEGO got in on the fun with a 1070-piece set based on the show. But this latest tie-in is definitely the most unexpected (though no less welcome). It’s a line of Friends-inspired marshmallows by the folks at XO Marshmallow, a company that specializes in gourmet pillows of mallow-y goodness.

For the company’s Friends line, the marshmallow artisans looked no further than the six main characters for inspiration behind the different flavor combinations. Here’s the product lineup that XO Marshmallow is offering:

3 Divorces: Inspired by Ross’s ill-fated romantic escapades, these marshmallows are flavored to taste like a wedding cake (with none of the attorney fees afterward).Candy Lady: This one is a toffee marshmallow that calls back to Monica’s candy-making obsession from the episode “The One With All the Candy.”Banana Hammock: This one comes from Phoebe’s decision to change her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.How You Doin’?: Who else but Joey could earn this offbeat pizza-flavored marshmallow?Central Perky: All that time spent working at Central Perk made a latte-flavored treat perfect for Rachel.Chandberry: When you’ve had as many traumatic Thanksgivings as Chandler, a cranberry sauce marshmallow is a no-brainer.

XO Marshmallow

If you’re interested in landing some Friends marshmallows, you’ve got some options. You can either go for separate boxes—one box comes with Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel marshmallows, while the other includes Ross, Joey, and Chandler—for $11.95 each. These boxes feature four marshmallows of each variety. Or you can get the “Lobster Set,” which includes both boxes for $22.95, totaling 24 marshmallows.

The sets are on sale now at the XO Marshmallow website.