In recent years, the internet has revealed that there's no shortage of talented nerds out there with a flair for the culinary arts. Here are 11 of the best real-life recipes for sci-fi and fantasy delicacies. 

1. Butterbeer (from Harry Potter)

The beloved Hogsmeade beverage has rapidly become quite a hit with thirsty Muggles and a crowd-pleasing staple at Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hoards of recipes exist, including a few alcoholic varieties, but most of them essentially consist of mixing cream soda with some sort of sweetener such as butterscotch syrup. For something a bit more involved, check this out:

2. Green Eggs and Ham (from Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham)

Fun Fact: Dr. Seuss' alma mater, Dartmouth College, often treats new students to a meal of green eggs and ham in honor of the beloved children's poet. But you don't have to be an Ivy-Leaguer (or Sam-I-Am) to enjoy this whimsical dish: click here for a quick how-to guide.

3. Elven Lembas Bread (from The Lord of the Rings)

Going on a lengthy quest? Be sure to bake some Lembas bread first! Looking for something meatier? Epic Meal Time (unsurprisingly) couldn't resist adding bacon to the Elvish dietary staple:

4. Arrakeen Spice Coffee (from Dune)

Unlike the mystical substance that drives the universe of Frank Herbert's legendary Dune saga, the “spice” laced into this coffee won't turn your eyes into glowing blue orbs or grant you prescient powers. But, if you should happen to have some extra cinnamon lying around, it's a fun way to start your morning. 

5. Romulan Ale (from Star Trek)

For Trekkies over 21, Geek In The City describes their Romulan Ale recipe as a “sure-fire way to get you arrested in the United Federation of Planets." Here's another take on this alien alcohol:

6. Bantha Milk (from Star Wars)

No trip to Tatooine is complete without a pint of cool, refreshing Bantha milk. Don't believe me? Check out this adorable ad:

But don't take our word for it, earth-bound readers: mix up a glass for yourself. (And for a non-alcoholic recipe, go here.)

7. Popplers (from Futurama)

Futurama fans can relish this tasty, seafood-based replica of one of the Planet Express crew's favorite treats.

8. Soylent Green Crackers (from Soylent Green)

You didn't really think we'd make it through this list without some sort of soylent green recipe, did you? Rest easy, sci-fi fans: no people were harmed in the making of these crackers!

9. Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy)

Unlike most of the culinary curiosities we've covered so far, author Douglas Adams actually wrote down a painstakingly-specific recipe for his own creation in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Unfortunately, just about every single ingredient is imaginary, leading fans to conjure up some wildly-inventive attempts to replicate Zaphod Beeblebrox's beverage of choice.

10. Dothraki Blood Pie (from Game Of Thrones)


The warring cultures in George R. R. Martin's smash-hit fantasy series are so meticulously-detailed that an entire cookbook, A Feast of Ice and Fire, was published last year to commemorate their respective cuisines. Among the most popular dish is the evocatively-named Dothraki blood pie.

11. Banana-Onion Juice (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The denizens of the beloved anime often describe this juice as “an acquired taste”. In a very NSFW video, a trio of YouTubers took a stab at replicating the drink by blending bananas and onions, with disastrous results: