California's Wildfires Are Displacing Shelter Pets. Here's How You Can Help Them

Okssi68/iStock via Getty Images
Okssi68/iStock via Getty Images / Okssi68/iStock via Getty Images

California residents are dealing with blackouts and evacuations as fires continue to rage in several locations across the state. Fueled by high winds, the California wildfires have consumed hundreds of acres of land, destroyed dozens of structures, and injured at least two firefighters. The state's human residents aren't the only ones impacted by the blazes: As ABC 10 reports, rescue cats and dogs displaced by the disaster are in desperate need of safe homes.

As the Kincade Fire spread through Sonoma County in northern California over the weekend, local animal shelters were forced to evacuate. The Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) saved the day when it opened its doors to the 20 dogs and 22 cats in need of shelter. Now, the animal sanctuary is calling on people to adopt the pets.

"These animals were all in [the Humane Society of Sonoma County's] care or already available for adoption prior to the fires, so there is no risk these animals were originally displaced by the fires," the Sacramento SPCA wrote in a Facebook post.

The pets up for adoption range from kittens to a 19-year-old cattle dog mix named Ace. The shelter plans to publish more information about each animal on its website once they've been given their medical check-ups. You can visit the nonprofit's adoption page for more information.

Adopting vulnerable rescue pets is one way to help communities dealing with natural disasters. But the animals in California aren't the only pets in need of loving homes: Here are more reasons to adopt a rescue dog from any part of the world.

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