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The Mandalorian is a new Star Wars series that follows a bounty hunter in the era in the between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. But more importantly, it's the show that introduced the world to Baby Yoda. The impossibly cute character—apparently a member of the same species as Yoda—has already inspired countless memes and moved Werner Herzog to tears. Now, after an agonizing two-week wait, Baby Yoda merchandise is finally available to buy online, TechCrunch reports.

Disney wasn't prepared for the reaction to Baby Yoda (officially known as The Child) when The Mandalorian premiered on its streaming service, Disney+. Director Jon Favreau reportedly asked the company to hold off on making merchandise with the character for as long as possible in order to keep its appearance a surprise.

Now the official Baby Yoda merchandise from Disney is finally here—unfortunately, it's failing to meet to fans' expectations. The Baby Yoda products now available from the online Disney store feature the same image of the character slapped onto totes, T-shirts, and phone cases. Some are paired with The Mandalorian logo and one comes with the label "The Child" in a nondescript font. Adorable plush dolls or graphic tees with mashups of baby talk and Yoda-speak are nowhere to be found.

If you're hoping to buy some Baby Yoda merchandise for the holidays, you should probably hold out a little longer. Disney promises to have more products available through its website, stores, and parks before the shopping season is over. Until then, you can buy the official items from the Disney Store for $15 to $25 apiece.

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