These Kids Just Don't Appreciate Teddy Ruxpin


Eighties kids were thrilled when they received Teddy Ruxpin as a gift, but based on these reactions in the Fine Brothers' latest video, kids today wouldn't be so excited. "He's doing the derp face!" one girl exclaims, while another boy proclaims that Ruxpin is "an old man's name." When the Fines turn the toy on, it doesn't take long for the kids to label Teddy "creepy" and look more than a little weirded out. One girl even gets up and walks away!

When one of Teddy's songs goes on too long, the kids say that "he's singing too much" and should "just get on with the book already!" It's all very awkward. Though some of the kids think that the toy is adorable, most think that the bear is "kind of annoying," "evil," and that "there's better stuff now."

"If you have no friends," one girl says, clutching the toy, "this would be perfect."