The Truth About Winnie the Pooh's Honey Cravings
Bears do go after beehives—but not for the reason you think!... READ ON
Behind The Foil Wrapper: A Brief History of Chocolate
The cacao bean was prized by the Aztecs and savored by the Spanish, but it also has an unsavory side.... READ ON
One of the World's Best Writers was One of the World's Worst Spellers
F. Scott Fitzgerald was an amazing writer, but his spelling was, according to one of his editors, "lamentable."... READ ON
Live Smarter
The Relationship Between Diet and Brain Performance
The reason you're so sluggish may have to do with what you eat.... READ ON
Watch Stephen Hawking Audition Actors to Be His New Voice
Miss Piggy never had a chance.... READ ON
Watching Frank Sung Play with Cards is Mesmerizing
The elegant way cardist Frank Sung manipulates hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades will put your riffle shuffle to shame.... READ ON
Remembering MiniDisc, the Audio Format that Flopped in America
Players cost $750 at 1992.... READ ON
The Strangest Job Title Queen Elizabeth I Ever Gave Anyone
Messages in bottles may be a fun thing to find now, but Queen Elizabeth I took them a little more seriously.... READ ON
What did I just watch?
Recreating the Asteroids Video Game Using Lasers
Yes, a frickin' laser.... READ ON
Take a Virtual Tour of Tokyo in Only Four Minutes
Christoph Gelep's timelapse film, "Hello Tokyo," highlights city attractions both old and new.... READ ON
Watch: The Economics of Airline Class
"The 14 passengers at the front of the plane bring in more money for the airline than the 122 in the back."... READ ON
A Bad Day on the Links
When Rob Lowe played in a charity golf tournament in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2007, he got a birdie. No, not that kind of birdie.... READ ON
How the Heart Symbol Got Its Shape
Like a relationship status on Facebook, the story of how the heart symbol got its shape is complicated.... READ ON
How China Uses Its Pandas as Diplomacy Tools
A panda loan costs a foreign nation $1 million a year.... READ ON
Author Jami Attenberg on What It Means to Be an Adult
What does it mean to be an adult? That’s the question author Jami Attenberg asks in her latest novel, 'All Grown Up.'... READ ON
See the Process of Cell Division Up Close With This Timelapse of a Tadpole Egg
Life is pretty cool, even at a cellular level.... READ ON

When Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase designed the original $1 bill in 1862, he put his own picture on it.

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