Hot Topic Is Having a Sale on Hundreds of Funko Pops

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True to their slogan, “Everyone is a fan of something,” there really are Funko dolls for just about anything, from athletes and movie characters to advertising icons and celebrities. And if your collection has been looking a little sparse lately, or you’d like to finally start one, today is the day to do so, because you can head to Hot Topic and buy any three Funko Pops for just $27. That's a sizable deal, since the standard price for one is typically over $12.

Fans of The Mandalorian can complete a set with Greef Karga, a Jawa, and the Client, played by Werner Herzog. (Unfortunately, a Baby Yoda Funko Pop won’t be available until the spring, but you can preorder it now.) Marvel fans can start their collections with Thanos, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain Marvelbut true to their motto, you can take advantage of the savings on just about any character or musician you can think of. And the savings on Funko products don’t stop at the Pop dolls: Hot Topic is also offering a selection of discounts on Funko PEZ dispensers.

While they're beloved now, people weren’t actually that enthused by the Pop line when it first debuted back in 2010. Check out how the line eventually rose to fame and more collectible facts about Funkos here.

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