Gift a Piece of History With This Customizable New York Times Cover Puzzle

UncommonGoods / UncommonGoods
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Finding the perfect present for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other significant milestone can be difficult. And while there’s nothing wrong with just settling for the standard gift card, choosing something a little more personal can really help you and your gift stand out. And now, you can tailor your next gift to anyone's specific taste with this customizable 500-piece New York Times cover puzzle, which is available on UncommonGoods for $50.

Tens of thousands of covers—from the paper's debut on September 18, 1851 to the present day—are available to turn into a puzzle, so you have more than 165 years' worth of history to choose from. All you need to do is visit the product page, input your desired date, and select “preview art" to take a look at the cover before you check out. Each puzzle is 19 inches by 13.5 inches and is a faithful recreation of the front page from that day—so don't be surprised when those earlier covers show the paper's original name, the New-York Daily Times.


This is a great present for just about anyone, but it will be especially well-received by the history buff in your life. As they work to piece together the puzzle, check out these other gifts, such as library-scented candles, mini notebooks, and more, that the history lover in your life will adore.

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