Save Big on Harry Potter Merch, Funkos, and More During Hot Topic’s Flash Sale

Hot Topic
Hot Topic / Hot Topic
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While Hot Topic started as a store dedicated to selling band T-shirts and accessories, it quickly grew to become the one-stop shop for all things pop culture. And today, Hot Topic fans should head to the store's website, because the retailer is offering 30 percent off countless items.

Harry Potter fans will find a vinyl figure of The Boy Who Lived holding his trusty owl, Hedwig; Luna Lovegood-inspired high-top sneakers; and many other accessories from the Wizarding World. While Star Wars fans can find Darth Vader car coasters, Tatooine hoodies, and—of course—baby Yoda tees, among many more items. And alongside continuing to offer three Funko Pops! for $27, Hot Topic is also taking 30 percent off certain Funkos and other action figures.

These sales won't last forever, so be sure to head over to the Hot Topic website soon to check out all the deals.

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