A Life-Sized—and Extremely Lifelike—Baby Yoda Statue Can Be Yours for $350

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Within moments of laying eyes on the pint-sized Yoda look-alike in The Mandalorian, countless viewers felt their hearts swell with affection and soon wished for a fuzzy, Force-wielding green baby of their own. If you were one of them, you’re in luck: Sideshow Collectibles is releasing an extremely lifelike statue of The Child later this year.

As Geek.com reports, the item will cost you $350, which is surely much less than the bounty on Baby Yoda in the series—plus, you can pay for him (or her) in monthly installments of $52.50. At 16.5 inches tall, the statue is a full-scale replica of the character; it stands upright on a simple black base, and even comes with the silver knob from Mando’s ship, the Razor Crest, that The Child is often seen holding during the show.

Sideshow Collectibles

Cloaked in tan robes and gazing up at you with glassy, orb-like eyes, the nameless alien looks like he’s wordlessly asking you to make him the centerpiece of your living room. He was created with the help of Legacy Effects, a special effects studio that has worked on several films in the Marvel franchise, as well as Avatar (2009), The Revenant (2015), and The Shape of Water (2017).

And you probably don’t have to worry about Baby Yoda growing up in a flash and making your statue seem outdated anytime soon—the 50-year-old toddler ages at a glacial pace, and we’ll likely see him in all his chubby-cheeked glory during season 2 of The Mandalorian, set to premiere on Disney+ sometime this fall.

Sideshow Collectibles

You can pre-order the statue here for an estimated delivery between August and October. If $350 is a little beyond your budget, check out some less-expensive Baby Yoda merchandise here.

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