Tennessee Shelter Will Surprise Your Sweetheart With a Valentine’s Day Puppy Visit

Litvalifa/iStock via Getty Images
Litvalifa/iStock via Getty Images / Litvalifa/iStock via Getty Images

This Valentine’s Day, the Animal Shelter of Sullivan County in Tennessee is taking traditional candygrams to the next level by adding puppies into the mix.

With the purchase of a “Puppergram,” the shelter will surprise your sweetheart at their workplace with a visit from a rescue puppy. While cuddling a lovable pup is probably already enough to make the recipient consider it the best Valentine’s Day of all time, the package includes a couple other treats, too; as People reports, you can either opt for two dozen roses and a red velvet “pupcake,” or a dozen chocolate-dipped bacon roses and a free pass for a one-hour ax-throwing session.

Because there are only so many puppies and so many hours in the day, booking slots are pretty limited. According to the Facebook event created by the shelter, there are 36 total “Puppergrams” available—24 for the roses-and-cupcake option and just 12 for the bacon-and-ax choice. If you live in or around the city of Kingsport, Tennessee, you can reserve one for Thursday, February 13, and Bristol residents can schedule theirs on February 14. To book one, you can call the shelter at 423-279-2741 or message them directly on Facebook.

It’s not clear how much a “Puppergram” costs, but it’s definitely clear that it’s for a good cause. The organization will use all the proceeds to care for its animals. And, for anyone who finds it especially hard to say goodbye to their pup at the end of the visit, we have good news: the “Puppergram” puppies will be listed for adoption soon after the holiday.

If you live a little too far from Tennessee to buy a “Puppergram,” you can always just surprise your significant other with a trip to your local shelter this Valentine’s Day to see if there's an adoptable pup you both fall in love with and want to take home; here are 25 reasons why that’s a good idea.

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