This Is What the Rooms From Famous Paintings Look Like in Real Life

HomeAdvisor / HomeAdvisor

If you're looking for interior design inspiration, check out the work of famous artists. Some of the most memorable pieces from painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Grant Wood, and Roy Lichtenstein depict ordinary rooms in colorful styles. Now, the digital home improvement marketplace HomeAdvisor has made recreating these scenes in your own home as easy as possible: The images below translate six rooms from iconic paintings into real life.

To bring these artworks in the real world, HomeAdvisor created computer-generated models, taking liberties with some details to make the spaces feel more convincing. In the recreation of Van Gogh's The Bedroom—originally inspired the painter's room in Arles, France—the colors have been toned down slightly, but the cozy, peaceful atmosphere remains. Roy Lichtenstein’s Interior With Restful Paintings has been transformed from a pop art painting to a mod living room with splashes of color.

There's a painting for every design style, from Konstantin Korovin's rustic kitchen to Eduard Petrovich Hau's lavish sitting room fit for royalty. You can check out every artwork and the digital model it inspired by watching the GIFs below.

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