Make Every Hour Happy Hour With Craft Beer- and Wine-Scented Candles

These beer- and wine-scented candles are poured into reclaimed bottles.
These beer- and wine-scented candles are poured into reclaimed bottles. / UncommonGoods
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After a long day, sometimes you just need a drink to take the edge off. But if your fridge is empty and your desire to leave your house is absolutely zero, you can go for these beer and wine candles from UncommonGoods. These scents will still provide you with all the relaxation of your favorite drink without the risk of waking up feeling like a locomotive is rumbling through your head.

The craft beer-scented candles, which are $26 each, come in IPA (hops and citrus), lager (barley and tobacco), stout (chocolate and oatmeal), and celebration ale (pine and cinnamon) scents. Each one is made from a soy wax base and poured into hand-cut, reclaimed bottles for a more authentic feel.

If beer isn’t your thing, UncommonGoods has another line of wine-scented candles for $24 each, which takes the scents of your favorite wines (without using any actual wine) and pours them into candle form. Similar to the beer candles, these also have soy wax bases, and all the jars are made from discarded wine bottles and hand-cut for the perfect fit. You can choose from zinfandel, pinot grigio, chardonnay, champagne, cabernet, and rosé scents. As the manufacturer writes, “Each one is like a toast to a special person or unforgettable milestone, lingering in the senses long after the moment has passed.”

Whether you’re a beer lover, a wine connoisseur, or both, these candles are the perfect solution for anyone who wants a little buzz without actually getting, well, buzzed. But if you choose to light your chardonnay candle and drink a glass, too? We won’t judge. In fact, that might just be the perfect pairing.

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