When heading out on a hike, your boots have to be a whole lot tougher than the trail you're hitting. So if you’re in the market for footwear that's up to the task, Vasque is here with a new addition to their award-winning Breeze line. You can find these new Breeze AT (all-terrain) GTX boots in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes exclusively at REI through mid-April for $75–$190.

Vasque has been making boots since 1964, and over the years, they’ve built up a reputation for producing both comfortable and dependable footwear. These new AT GTX boots are no different, starting with their ability to keep moisture out. In the adult sizes, you’ll find boots and sneakers made with waterproof nubuck leather, along with Gore-Tex membranes. Though both are effective, Gore-Tex is known for its ability to simultaneously breathe while keeping moisture out. The footwear is also built with a grip that’s made to tackle just about any terrain, and the midsoles have comfortable EVA cushioning pods to help absorb impacts. Sturdy as they may be, the adult models weigh just over two pounds.

The Gore-Tex in these boots allows your feet to breathe, even when it's hot out. Vasque

The new children’s hiking boot is made of both waterproof suede leather and the company's UltraDry membrane to help keep even the most avid puddle jumpers dry. And since they clock in at just over a pound, pint-sized hikers won't be weighed down.

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