Dollar General Is Dedicating the First Hour After Opening to Senior Shopping

Dollar General is giving seniors a chance to avoid large crowds.
Dollar General is giving seniors a chance to avoid large crowds. / Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
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While there is still much to be understood about the novel coronavirus (which causes the disease COVID-19) and its effects on the body, older members of the population appear to be at increased risk of complications from infection. That could make shopping at busy stores stressful for seniors. Now, one dollar store chain is doing something about it.

Effective Tuesday, 16,000 Dollar General locations across the United States will devote their first hour of operation to senior shoppers, USA Today reports. The policy is intended to give older customers a window of time to pick up supplies before the store gets too busy and the chance of exposure to the virus increases.

Dollar General has not specified how they will confirm older shoppers are the only ones present, or what the age minimum might be. In a news release, the company is asking younger consumers to plan their shopping trips for later in the day. The stores will also close an hour earlier than normal in order to give employees an opportunity to clean and restock shelves.

The Stop & Shop grocery store franchise is also implementing a seniors-only policy beginning March 19, opening its doors from 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. for shoppers over the age of 60.

Seniors can also see if relatives or neighbors are able to go shopping for them and leave groceries near their door. If you are that relative or neighbor, it would be helpful to inquire whether local seniors could use your assistance.

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