There Are 21 Classic Romance Movies Depicted in This Image—Can You Name Them All In Less Than 5 Minutes?

Can you spot all 21?
Can you spot all 21? / Watches2U

A quick glance at a calendar will tell you that this Friday is the first day of May, when April showers supposedly disappear and flowers begin to bloom in full. What your calendar probably doesn’t tell you, however, is that Friday is also Global Love Day, an annual tradition launched in 2004 by the Love Foundation, a nonprofit organization that spreads messages of unconditional love through its programs.

How you choose to celebrate is, of course, up to you—you could hug a tree, call your parents, or go whole hog and leave a love letter in the mailbox of your longtime secret crush. Or you could use the day as an opportunity to revisit some of the greatest romance films of all time.

To help you get into the spirit of swooning, UK-based online watch retailer Watches2U has created an image that depicts 21 famous romantic movies in one image. In it, cartoons, emoticons, and seemingly random objects illustrate scenes from the films or the titles of the films themselves. Once you’ve identified all 21 (or as many as you can), keep scrolling to reveal an identical image with numbers that correspond to the list of answers below.

At the risk of giving too much away, we won’t name any classic romantic movies from years past, but we will tell you this: No subgenre is off-limits in this puzzle. There are romantic comedies, musicals, tearjerkers, timeless classics, and more. Watches2U is challenging people to guess them all in less than 5 minutes, but feel free to give yourself extra time.

Once you’ve scrolled down to see the answers, find out 40 surprising facts about your favorite romantic comedies here.


If you've seen all 21 of these films, give yourself a pat on the back.
If you've seen all 21 of these films, give yourself a pat on the back. / Watches2U
  1. Pretty Woman
  1. You've Got Mail
  1. Dirty Dancing
  1. Valentine’s Day
  1. Bridget Jones’s Diary
  1. A Star Is Born
  1. Crazy Stupid Love
  1. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  1. When Harry Met Sally...
  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  1. Ghost
  1. The Notebook
  1. Brokeback Mountain
  1. 10 Things I Hate About You
  1. Titanic
  1. The Bodyguard
  1. Beauty and the Beast
  1. Grease
  1. The King and I
  1. Roman Holiday
  1. Love Actually

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