Take a Virtual Tour of Every Jaws Filming Location Using Google Earth

Roy Scheider is gonna need a bigger boat in Steven Spielberg's Jaws (1975).
Roy Scheider is gonna need a bigger boat in Steven Spielberg's Jaws (1975). / Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Google Earth can be used to visit historic landmarks, national parks, or—if you're looking for something a little more thrilling—the filming locations of your favorite horror movie. As Bloody Disgusting reports, all the places where Jaws (1975) was filmed have been compiled into one 3D map anyone can view.

Map creators and Jaws superfans David Bigelow, Jim Beller, and John Campopiano call their The Ultimate Jaws Location Guide "the most comprehensive and accurate Jaws location resource anywhere.” It features more than 70 spots used for the production and pre-production of Steven Spielberg's classic blockbuster—plus its sequels.

Most of the sites are located in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, where the majority of Jaws's filming took place. Using Google Earth, viewers can virtually tour places like the beach where Chrissie Watkins’s death scene was filmed or the building used as Quint's shack. The map also includes a handful of shooting locations beyond coastal Massachusetts, like the waters off Southern California where the undersea footage that plays behind the opening credits was shot.

The Jaws fans put together the map using research from their upcoming docudrama series titled Making the Monster, which will explore the history of the film's troubled production. The map is interactive, so you can visit whichever locations interest you most, or you can scroll through them all to relive the movie in an entirely new way. Many of these sites are available to visit as tourist attractions, but as long as you're stuck at home, a virtual tour is a great alternative.

Not every famous Jaws site survived to the present day. Read here to learn about the sad fate of the movie's iconic prop boat.

[h/t Bloody Disgusting]