Say Goodbye to Making Your Bed Every Morning—the Smartduvet Will Do It for You

The Smartduvet's Smart Layer fastens between your own duvet cover and top sheet.
The Smartduvet's Smart Layer fastens between your own duvet cover and top sheet. / Smartduvet
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As much as you might want to be the kind of person who makes your bed every day, the desire isn’t always strong enough to make you actually go through the trouble of reassembling the jumbled mess at the foot of your bed on a daily basis. The makers of the Smartduvet understand this, so they’ve invented a technology that’ll do it for you.

Basically, you use the plastic Smart Attach clips to fasten a thin layer of material called the Smart Layer between your existing duvet cover and your top sheet. After making your bed, you hook up the Smart Layer to a small, unobtrusive box that you can store beneath your bed. In the morning, you simply press a button on the corresponding app, and the machine will pump air into the Smart Layer, forcing it—and your duvet and top sheet along with it—to return to its original shape. As you can see in Esquire’s video below, it’s not unlike how an inflatable mattress works, though the Smartduvet deflates after your bed is made.

Will watching it unfurl across your mattress give you the eerie impression that it’s alive? Perhaps, but the Smartduvet’s merits far outweigh any visual similarities it may have to the titular antagonist of the 1977 horror film Death Bed: The Bed That Eats. Not only does it make your bed for you, it’ll also preclude all future arguments with your partner about what temperature to set your thermostat at each night, since you can set each side of the Smartduvet to a different temperature. While you sleep, the control box will send warm or cool air through the Smart Layer to maintain your desired temperature. Because you won’t be waking up drenched in sweat, the Smartduvet cuts down on moisture and humidity—which, in turn, reduces germs and dust mites.

If you’re ready to drastically improve your sleep experience and get rid of a dreaded daily chore with one clever device, you can check out purchasing options for the Smartduvet here, with prices ranging from $299 for a twin bed to $389 for a California king bed.

Unfortunately, it won’t fold your fitted sheet for you, but you can learn how to do that yourself here.

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