LEGO Celebrates Star Wars Day With a New 1673-Piece A-Wing Set

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Everyone has a favorite Star Wars ship, whether you’re partial to the classic X-wings and TIE Fighters or go a bit deeper with a love of the cloud cars of Bespin or the sleek Naboo starfighters from Episode I. This year, in the lead-up to Star Wars Day, LEGO has decided to immortalize one of the unsung beauties of the Rebel fleet with the new 1673-piece A-wing set, which goes on sale May 1 for $200.

Though it only appears briefly in Return of the Jedi, this arrow-shaped fighter played a significant role in the film when one was shown crashing through the bridge of a Super Star Destroyer during the Battle of Endor. LEGO spared no details here, including a removable cockpit and rotating laser cannons on the body, as well as a deep maroon paint job that makes the set look just like the model from 1983.


The 16.5-inch-long A-wing is far from the only new set LEGO has for Star Wars fans. The company also released $60 builds of helmets for Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper, and a TIE Fighter pilot. And if you’re still obsessing over The Mandalorian, the company currently has pre-orders up for the titular character’s ship, the Razor Crest, which is a 1023-piece build that includes minifigures of Mando himself, alongside a Scout Trooper, Baby Yoda, Greef Karga, and IG-11.

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