The Owners of The Conjuring House Are Hosting a Haunted Livestream

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If you're sick of being stuck at home, be thankful you're not quarantined in one of the most notorious haunted houses in America. That's the current reality for Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, the owners of the Colonial-era Rhode Island farmhouse that inspired 2013's The Conjuring. Now, the couple is inviting the public to share their nightmare through a week-long livestream, Bloody Disgusting reports.

The event, hosted by the online network The Dark Zone, will be streaming nonstop for a week starting at noon on Saturday, May 9. Viewers will be treated to an intimate look inside the Heinzens' home, which they claim is still as haunted as it was when the events dramatized in The Conjuring took place. A number of activities are planned for the stream, including séances, conjurings, and virtual guest appearances from several big names in the paranormal world.

The house's reputation dates back to 1971, when paranormalists Ed and Lorraine Warren visited the site to investigate reports of demonic phenomena. When they got there, they documented disturbing events, such as one of the residents speaking in a strange language during a séance. The Conjuring was made with the blessing of Lorraine Warren and the family who experienced the alleged haunting. Andrea Perron, who was a child when the Warrens came to her family's home, is one of special guests slated to join the livestream.

Tickets to the online event are currently available to pre-order for $15. Part of the proceeds will go to three charities providing COVID-19 relief: World Cental Kitchen, the Gary Sinise Foundation, and GlobalGiving. You can buy your tickets here to experience the spooky happenings from a safe distance.

[h/t Bloody Disgusting]