Fans of Schitt’s Creek may have been disappointed to see the series come to an end after six seasons, but the Rose family is here to stay—in Funko Pop! form. The popular collectibles company recently announced a line of Schitt’s Creek vinyl figures based on the cast of the popular comedy. The lineup includes Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara), and offspring David Rose (Dan Levy) and Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy).

Johnny Rose.Funko

Moira Rose.Funko

David Rose.Funko

David Rose in Amish apparel. Funko

Alexis Rose.Funko

All sport distinctive accessories, from Alexis’s sun-blocking hat and Moira’s forward-thinking apparel to Johnny and David’s generous eyebrows. David also has a chase figure, which sees him in garb from his time on an Amish farm, that buyers will have a one in six chance of getting.

The figures retail for $11 and are expected to ship in May, with David expected in September. You can pre-order them on the Entertainment Earth website.

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