Got $16,000 to Spare? Keanu Reeves Will Call You for Charity

Keanu Reeves.
Keanu Reeves. / Kevin Winter, Getty Images

In addition to being a successful movie star with hits spanning several decades, Keanu Reeves has also received plenty of attention online for being a pretty nice guy. In 2019, he took a bus with fellow stranded passengers coming off a grounded airplane, amusing them by reading trivia and playing songs on his phone. And in 2003, Reeves gifted motorcycles to 12 stuntmen who worked with him on a key sequence for The Matrix Reloaded.

Now, the actor is drawing attention to a cancer charity by auctioning off a phone call via fundraising portal Greater Giving. The winning bidder will get 15 minutes on Zoom with Reeves. But if the idea of a virtual moment with the John Wick star seems intriguing, be aware it will cost you: The bidding is up to $16,800 and climbing.

The call is intended to benefit Camp Rainbow Gold, a nonprofit that provides support for patients and families in Idaho dealing with cancer. Reeves has reportedly long been active in various charitable efforts for the disease following his sister’s leukemia diagnosis in 1991.

Organizers have a few caveats. The call has to take place the week of July 6, pending the availability of both Reeves and the winning bidder. If the caller exhibits any “threatening or inappropriate behavior,” the conference will be terminated. Otherwise, the winner should feel free to discuss Reeves’s career, including the forthcoming Bill and Ted Face the Music, due out August 14.

The auction runs through June 22.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly]