An ideal Fourth of July is spent parked beside your backyard barbecue, but when you're running low on grilling supplies, you may be forced to make a store run. Many businesses follow different schedules on holidays, and operations will be further complicated this year by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of heading to your go-to corner store on Independence Day and hoping for the best, it's smart to research what businesses will be open on July 4th ahead of time. That way, when you realize you have more hot dogs than hot dog buns, you can minimize your shopping time and get back to the festivities as quickly as possible.

Below is a list of major grocery and retail chains that have confirmed their stores are open July 4th. Keep in mind that many companies have adjusted store hours in certain locations due to the novel coronavirus crisis. If you plan on heading to one of the places on this list this Saturday, call your local store first to confirm their hours.

  1. Walmart
  1. Publix
  1. Target
  1. Kroger
  1. Kirkland's
  1. Save A Lot
  1. CVS
  1. Walgreens
  1. Aldi
  1. Whole Foods