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11 of the Most Valuable Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Jake Rossen
Original Garbage Pail Kids cards are more valuable than you might think.
Original Garbage Pail Kids cards are more valuable than you might think. / Chris Hondros/Getty Images

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Garbage Pail Kids, those noxious Topps trading cards that delighted children—and disgusted their parents—with depictions of unfortunate kids in a variety of gruesome situations.

Like many relics of the past decades, Garbage Pail Kids have proven to be a valuable commodity for collectors, with some cards fetching thousands of dollars depending on their condition and rarity. (Entire boxes with unopened packs can also sell for thousands.)

Take a look at 11 of the most valuable cards that might be lurking in a drawer somewhere. Remember that collectors often prefer cards that have been graded by a third-party like Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) to accurately assess their condition. And in the case of GPK, keep in mind that cards can sell for different amounts depending on the name used: Almost all cards featured two versions of the same artwork with different names. Cards that feature a glossy paper finish instead of matte can also command a premium, as the matte card stock is more common.

1. Adam Bomb (Series 1, 1985)

Adam Bomb.
Adam Bomb. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

The Kid who ushered in a new era of gross trading cards is highly sought after by collectors. (His image also appeared on a lot of the advertising materials.) An Adam Bomb graded 10, or perfect, by PSA recently sold for $10,000 on eBay, but be aware that most cards aren’t in the same shape and that a more worn version is worth closer to $285. The alternatively-named Blasted Billy—which has the same artwork—can sell for $900.

2. Nasty Nick (Series 1, 1985)

Nasty Nick.
Nasty Nick. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

This bloodsucking character is technically the first-ever Garbage Pail Kid, with a designation of #1a in the first series. He can command $8350 on the secondary market.

3. Corroded Carl (Chrome Series 1, 2013)

Corroded Carl.
Corroded Carl. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

In 2013, Topps issued a limited-edition Chrome Series of the Kids. Owing to their scarcity, characters like Corroded Carl can sell for $6000.

4. Semi Colin (Series 9, 1987)

Semi Colin.
Semi Colin. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

This freakish tyke is valued because the card contains a printing error that left off the card number (#355a). Expect to pay $1000 or more.

5. Soft Boiled Sam (Series 2, 1985)

Soft Boiled Sam.
Soft Boiled Sam. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

This shelled character is hard to find and can sell for $875 or more.

6. Stinky Stan (Series 1, 1985)

Stinky Stan.
Stinky Stan. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

This charming trash baby recently sold for $648 on eBay. His companion card, Junky Jeff, can fetch $625.

7. Schizo Fran (Series 2, 1985)

Schizo Fran.
Schizo Fran. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

Hardly the model of political correctness, Schizo Fran represents the Kids at their worst. That’s probably why it sells for $600 and up.

8. Jay Decay (Series 1, 1985)

Jay Decay.
Jay Decay. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

This charming corpse can go for $510 and up.

9. Dead Fred (Series 2, 1985)

Dead Fred.
Dead Fred. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

This gun-toting tot got on the wrong side of the law. He can run $280 or more.

10. Hot Head Harvey (Series 3, 1986)

Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

This parody of Transformers holds appeal for collectors of both the Garbage Pail Kids and the robot toy line. It can sell for $150 and up.

11. Buggy Betty (Series 1, 1985)

Buggy Betty.
Buggy Betty. / Courtesy of GEEPEEKAY

This pest can sell for $73 or more.