Monitoring a cat’s health can be tricky. Often, conditions like weight gain or loss, urinary tract infections, arthritis, or heart disease can be difficult to spot. Wrangling a cat for veterinary check-ups is no picnic, either.

A new start-up called CatLink is offering an alternative. Their WeCare Smart Health Monitor is a scale and activity sensor that fits underneath a cat’s litter box and tracks changes in weight or frequency of visits to help spot health problems early. For a limited time, it’s available for $49 on Kickstarter.

The WeCare Smart Health Monitor uses a scale to keep track of your cat's health status.CatLink

The WeCare spots sudden weight gain as well as weight loss, which can indicate health conditions from heart disease to diabetes. The scale also measures how frequently a cat uses the box. Urinating too often, for example, could mean a urinary tract infection. Staying in the box too long might be a symptom of bladder stones. The WeCare app compiles this data and alerts owners to unusual behavior.

If you live in a multi-cat household, the WeCare is able to differentiate between cats using weight as a guide. It’s also adjustable, so you can fit virtually any size litter box on top of it.

The WeCare has exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $2000 and is currently taking orders. The scale is 50 percent off for early bird backers at just $49, but there is a limited supply of those bundles left. However, the next bundle is just $10 more, and those are fully in stock. The WeCare Smart Health Monitor is expected to ship beginning in October.