5 Ways You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Laura

A volunteer for World Central Kitchen prepares hurricane relief meals.
A volunteer for World Central Kitchen prepares hurricane relief meals. / World Central Kitchen

Hurricane Laura was a Category 4 hurricane with 150-mph winds when it made landfall in Louisiana last week, making it one of the strongest storms ever to hit the continental U.S. From displaced families to demolished infrastructure, the devastation left in its wake will take years for the region to overcome. Below are some organizations that are currently coordinating relief efforts, along with information on how you can help.

1. Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is a coalition of veterans who apply their military training to disaster relief, providing resources and restoration plans for underprivileged communities after a catastrophe. According to CNBC, they’ve deployed teams to Louisiana and Texas to survey the damage and administer immediate aid to hurricane victims.

You can make a donation here.

2. World Central Kitchen

Founded by Chef José Andrés and his wife, Patricia, World Central Kitchen is a network of chefs and volunteers who deliver meals to disaster survivors all over the world. They’ve sent thousands of meals—and counting—to those affected by Hurricane Laura, and they’re currently looking for volunteers to help prepare and deliver food from their kitchens in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Beaumont, Texas.

If you live near the area, you can sign up for a shift here. If you’re a little farther out, you can donate to the organization here.

3. Family Promise

Family Promise has affiliates all over the country that provide families with the resources they need to find stable housing. With so many homes destroyed by the hurricane or the previous storm, Marco, Family Promise’s work is especially important right now.

The organization has seven affiliates in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas that are offering support for storm victims, and you can donate directly to those branches here.

4. All Hands and Hearts

All Hands and Hearts focuses on reconstructing buildings and homes damaged by disaster. First, volunteers take care of urgent needs—like clearing out rubble, tarping roofs, etc.—before helping the community devise and execute a long-term reconstruction plan.

You can learn more about their efforts for Hurricane Laura and donate to the project here.

5. Animal Shelters

Animal shelters far and wide have taken in animals from shelters in the path of the storm—which means there could be dozens of hurricane rescues much closer to you than you’d think. Here are a few shelters worth checking out if you’re interested in adopting, fostering, or donating:

The Brandywine Valley SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) accepted 79 dogs across its locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Learn more here.

The Austin Humane Society in Texas took in dozens of dogs, cats, and even some baby squirrels from the Houston SPCA. Find out how to foster or adopt a pet—or purchase supplies from their Amazon wish list—here.

PAWS Chicago is currently providing medical care to a couple dozen cats and dogs relocated from Louisiana shelters, after which they’ll need foster homes (or forever homes). Find out more here.