Old Navy Will Pay Its Employees to Work the Polls in November

Old Navy is encouraging employees to lend a hand on Election Day.
Old Navy is encouraging employees to lend a hand on Election Day. / Drew Angerer, Getty Images

With Election Day (November 3, 2020) rapidly approaching and states reporting shortages of poll workers, apparel giant Old Navy is taking some proactive steps to offer a solution. According to CNN, the company has announced it will pay its employees for up to eight hours while they perform poll duties.

Partnering with the Power the Polls group, Old Navy will offer its 50,000 employees the option of taking what amounts to a paid day off in order to function as a poll worker. If employees aren’t interested but want to vote, the company is also offering three hours of paid time off for them to cast their ballots.

Power the Polls is hoping to sign up 250,000 people to work the polls on November 3 to address the shortages reported by states during primary elections this year. Because many poll volunteers are older, it’s possible concerns over the coronavirus pandemic have influenced their decision not to spend time in public spaces. Any poll worker affiliated with Power the Polls will be supplied with personal protective equipment (PPE).

If you’re interested in working the polls, you can check local guidelines to determine if you meet age, voter registration, and other eligibility requirements.

[h/t CNN]