Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Teach You to Swear in 15 Different Languages

George Pimentel/Getty Images
George Pimentel/Getty Images / George Pimentel/Getty Images

Samuel L. Jackson boasts more than 150 screen credits, but many people still know him for his most colorful lines of dialogue. Now, cinema's most prolific user of profanity is teaching a class on the subject. As The Guardian reports, if 2500 people prepare to vote through Jackson's HeadCount page, the actor will offer lessons on swearing in different languages.

HeadCount is an organization that promotes voter registration and participation in democracy in the U.S. On Twitter, Jackson recently challenged voters to visit HeadCount to register to vote, check their registration status, and make a voting plan. If 2500 people use the tools on his HeadCount page, he promises to teach a class on swearing in 15 different languages for free online.

Jackson's impressive film career covers iconic films from various genres, including Jurassic Park (1993), Pulp Fiction (1994), and The Avengers franchise. While he's been in plenty of blockbusters, some of his most famous (and explicit) lines are more famous than the movies they come from.

Jackson doesn't shy away from having the filthiest mouth in Hollywood. His voter registration campaign is just the latest way he's poked fun at his reputation. Last year, he lent his voice—profanity and all—to the Amazon voice assistant Alexa.

[h/t The Guardian]