Enter to Win a 14-Day RV Road Trip While Also Supporting a Youth Charity

Omaze / Omaze
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With international travel plans farther out on the horizon than usual, many people have started taking up the tradition of road tripping in RVs again. And if you're lucky, you can do so without spending a dime, because Omaze is giving people the chance to win a 14-day RV road trip (valued at $10,000) along with $500 in spending money.

Whoever wins will also get a virtual consolation from Brian Kelly, a.k.a. The Points Guy, who specializes in travel and finance. Kelly will offer tips on where to go and how to maximize your time behind the wheel, whether you want to go coast to coast, check out some national parks, or hit a specific destination for a few days. The RV, which comes from RVshare, is all yours for 14-days so you can travel wherever you want.

Though anyone can enter the contest for free, you can increase your chances of winning by donating at different tiers, which will get you more entries: a $10 donation gets you 100 entries, $25 for 250, $50 for 1000, and $100 for 2000. All the donations will go to the PeaceJam Foundation, which helps young people worldwide become leaders and creates positive change in their communities.

The contest will be open until November 15, 2020, at midnight Pacific time, and winners will be announced on or around December 2, 2020. Get ready to hit the road by heading over to Omaze.

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