Keep Your Drink Warm for Hours With This Dishwasher-Safe Heated Mug

Thunder Dungeon Inc/Kickstarter
Thunder Dungeon Inc/Kickstarter / Thunder Dungeon Inc/Kickstarter
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Imagine waking up and making your first cup of coffee of the day. As you wait for your cup of ambition to brew, you get ready for your morning—but by the time you sit down in your home office, your coffee has cooled down to the temperature of a paddling pool. As you spit the coffee out and head to your microwave, you probably start to wonder if there is a better solution out there. Fortunately, there is.

Heated mugs have been growing in popularity recently, and now you can back Thunder Dungeon’s BOLT on Kickstarter, which takes the standard concept of a heated mug and makes it safe for the dishwasher.

BOLT modular heated mugs bring affordability, portability, and durability to the market, which are qualities Thunder Dungeon Inc. has been perfecting for more than four years. Available in five colors, which all have corresponding Pantone codes, these mugs tout four hours of heating time and three different temperature settings, so you’ll be able to have the ideal cup of joe anytime you want it.

Thunder Dungeon Inc./Kickstarter

The BOLT's non-slip rubber base helps keep the mug in place when it's charging, while the food-grade stainless steel inner liner ensures that the heat is conducted through the liquid. There is even an auto shut-off sensor so the base won’t keep heating without the top on it. What makes the BOLT stand out is the fact that it's 100-percent waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Thunder Dungeon Inc. started this campaign in October 2020, intending to raise over $11,000. Now with 316 backers, they have met and surpassed that goal almost three times over. Even with all of this encouragement, there is still time to back this campaign and get rewards. If you back $75 or more, you'll receive a BOLT mug and base with a travel lid. If you want to get all of that plus an extra mug top, then you can contribute $95 or more. For those who want two complete sets of BOLT mugs and bases with lids, you can contribute $150 or more.

The BOLT heated mug campaign ends on November 20, so there's still time to back the project on Kickstarter. Shipments will hopefully go out by April 2021.

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