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Few things are better than curling up in the winter to enjoy your favorite spot to read a good book or binge a new show—the Danish even have a word for that type of cozy feeling: Hygge. But as amazing as all of those things are, the tiniest annoyances can really ruin the experience, like your sweatshirt riding up, cold feet, or inaccessible hands under your blanket. You can solve all of these first-world problems and more with a Slanket, the original blanket with sleeves.

It may seem a little kitschy at first, but this blanket with sleeves is ideal for winter lounging. The Slanket’s large, loose sleeves provide mobility and warmth, and it even has a pocket to keep your feet from peeking out and catching a chill. The whole thing measures in at 80 inches long, so there's more than enough micro-fiber fleece material to cover your body and possibly drape over a pet or two.

Get your hands (and arms) in a cozy coral Slanket today while it's on sale for just $30.

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