Waffle House's New Bacon & Kegs Beer Pairs Perfectly With Late-Night Breakfast

Oconee Brewing Company
Oconee Brewing Company / Oconee Brewing Company

Despite its name, Waffle House sells a lot more than waffles. The 24-hour chain is equally famous for its eggs, hash browns, and T-bone steaks. Now, the southern institution is getting into the beer game.

As USA Today reports, Waffle House has released its own breakfast-themed beer called Bacon & Kegs. A collaboration with the Georgia-based Oconee Brewing Company, the 6.5-percent ABV red ale is infused with bacon extract. The final product perfectly blends the malty, sweet taste of beer with the smoky, salty, meatiness of bacon.

Oconee Brewing wrote on Instagram, "Bacon & Kegs pairs well with breakfast food items (obviously!) or can be enjoyed as a standalone, soon to be iconic beer."

Waffle House fans may be just as interested in the beer's packaging as the drink inside. The beer's name is depicted in Waffle House's classic black-and-yellow signage. The back of the can shows a Waffle House restaurant against a playful background of bacon strips and beer pints.

Bacon & Kegs will be available exclusively from Oconee Brewing Company in Greensboro, Georgia, in six packs or on draft (with the option to get growlers to go). You can get one to go with your smothered, scattered, or covered breakfast beginning December 18.

[h/t USA Today]