Make a Great Drink and Stay Sustainable With These Reusable Coffee Filters and Tea Bags

reFlow/Kickstarter / reFlow/Kickstarter
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Sustainability is an important factor to consider in the products we buy. From our clothing to our tech, more and more consumers want to know where their goods come from and what kind of impact they have on the environment. And if you're a coffee drinker, you probably know that the disposable paper filters you use every day to brew your favorite beans can cause unnecessary waste that just continues to grow over time. If you want to avoid making the switch to a plastic, reusable model, ReFlow’s cotton coffee filters and tea bags are an eco-friendly alternative that makes morning brews as sustainable as possible—and you can support them on Kickstarter until January 16.

Paper coffee filters contribute to deforestation, mountains of waste, needless plastic packaging, and oftentimes go through a chemical process involving chlorine to get that bright white look. The recycled cotton ReFlow filters result in coffee that tastes the same as a cup brewed with a paper filter, but you'll be able to reuse it hundreds of times. The filters are also suitable whether you're using a pour-over coffee method or have a brewing machine.

For the tea lovers out there, you can fill the ReFlow Pouch with all different kinds of tea leaves to get the best flavor without tossing a dozen soggy paper bags in the trash every week. And both products can be thrown in the wash in between uses.


There are many ways to support this campaign: When you contribute at least $25, you’ll get either two reusable coffee filters or tea bags. Contributing at least $43 will get you two coffee filters and two tea bags. When you contribute $55, you’ll get either four coffee filters or four tea bags. Higher contributions yield more rewards, like coffee drippers and a barista towel made from recycled fabric.

The ReFlow campaign ends on January 16, so there is still time for you to support this product by heading to Kickstarter. Shipments will hopefully be sent out in February 2021.