Traveling abroad has been strongly discouraged due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean you can't experience the globe while staying safely at home. Satisfy your sweet tooth and sense of adventure at the same time with these international sweets and treats that you can buy online.

1. Elite World Snack Sampler Box; $30


This assortment of goodies from all over the world is aimed at the snacker who is always looking for something new to try. The contents of this box are ever-changing, but it's always packed with a variety of chewy candy, sour treats, cookies, chips, crackers, and more.

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2. Mexican Candy Assortment; $13


Whether you like sweet, sour, or spicy flavors, this Mexican candy mix has it all. There's a great assortment of treats to pick from, including some you likely won't find anywhere else, like pineapple-flavored "beer pops" or cucumber lollipops.

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3. Kasugai lychee Hard Candy (3-pack); $11


This lychee-flavored hard candy from Japan is a perennial favorite. The delicately sweet, fruity, and (some say) slightly floral taste is completely unique and unexpected, and best of all, each $11 order comes with three bags. That's important to note, because chances are you'll blow through these in a matter of days.

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4. Aamira Tamarind Candy; $6


You may have gotten a few of these with your last order of Thai takeout. This hard candy evokes the vivid flavor of tamarind—sweet, sour, tart, and tangy. If you're curious about tamarind, what better way to try it than with a handful of candy?

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5. Haribo Saure Gurken; $22


You might be familiar with the standard Haribo gummy bears, but you won't find this Saure Gurken (or "sour pickle") variety from Germany at your local convenience store. While they don't actually taste like briny pickles, they do have Haribo's trademark sour-sweet gummy flavor.

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6. Beacon Fizzer Lemon & Orange; $18


Beacon Fizzers are a fruity and fizzy chew from South Africa. These are best described as a taffy that "fizzes" (sort of like Pop Rocks) as you chew on it. The texture becomes softer and easier to chew as it gets warmer and begins to lose its fizzy effect.

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7. Kopiko Cappuccino Candy; $11


Great for java addicts, this Indonesian hard candy is made with real coffee bean extract and actually has a bit of a caffeine kick. These treats are also Halal-certified and have a touch of creaminess to them.

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8. White Rabbit Candy; $5


For many, White Rabbit candy is the taste of childhood. One of the most popular and well-known Chinese treats, this taffy-like candy has a milky, vanilla flavor. The candies are individually wrapped twice, once externally with a regular wrapper and again with a thin rice paper that is actually meant to be eaten with the candy.

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9. Sonho de Valsa; $28


This popular Brazilian candy is a cashew cream-filled, crispy wafer layer covered in milk chocolate—how could that not be good? It's crispy, sweet, chocolatey goodness.

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10. Cruzilles Pâtes de Fruits d’Auvergne; $20


Crafted by Cruzilles, a company from the Auvergne region of France, these fruit jellies come in a recognizable metal pail that's decorated with lush illustrations. The candy itself comes in a range of flavors, including apricot, blackcurrant, apple, strawberry, raspberry, orange, and plum—and best of all, you can reuse the tin.

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11. Super Turron Supercoco All-Natural Coconut Candy; $7


Great for lovers of coconut, these popular all-natural flavored candies from Colombia also have a slight caramel taste and chewy texture.

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12. Fazer Salmiakki; $12


If you're looking for an intense, salty licorice flavor, this Finnish delicacy might be for you. The salty flavor in salmiakki is unique in that it uses ammonium chloride, which according to The New York Times is “an astringent, extremely bitter chemical compound formed, like all salts, by mixing a base and an acid, which in the case of salmiac are ammonia and either hydrochloric acid or hydrogen chloride.”

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